LTCI – what is it?

LTCI stands for Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator.     It is a brand-new drug that was just approved for use in the United States in February 2009.     Imulan conducted a series of studies in 2009 that demonstrated the efficacy of this drug in alleviating some of the symptoms of cats with feline leukemia and feline AIDS, even helping some of these cats to test negative for both diseases with time.      Imulan also conducted a study using LTCI with FIP-infected cats that was never published.     Six of our cats here at Healing Hearts participated in that study.     Fifteen of our cats were diagnosed with FIP by our vet and treated with LTCI.      Length of treatment varied from as few as six to as many as twenty-one shots, but in EVERY case, the Corona virus level in each cat eventually dropped until they tested negative.     One year later now, in 2010, ALL fifteen cats remain as active and healthy as before they ever got sick.     All remain Corona negative.     Our cats all had the “dry” form of FIP and ranged in age from 10 months to 6 years when they started treatment.     While we have had spectacular success with LTCI, I will caution you not to call it a “cure” for FIP because it does not have these kinds of results for every cat or in every situation.     It is not usually as effective with wet FIP and is sometimes less effective in younger kittens.    But almost all cats who are treated with LTCI do experience a significant improvement in their symptoms, at least for a time.     It has many good points: no side effects, easy administration (just like a rabies shot), and it is very gentle on the body.     The only really bad point is the price.      Sometimes you can purchase it direct from the company for as little as $30 a shot, if you purchase a package of 6 or 12 shots.     At a private vet, you could be charged as much as $110 a shot or more.

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new manufacturer

As of June 2010, LTCI (Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator) is no longer being produced by Imulan.     Apparently there was some sort of mismanagement of funds that caused Imulan to go under and they were bought out by AgriLabs.      If you are having any difficulty ordering LTCI from your usual source, then it may be because you need to contact AgriLabs. 

        If you have never ordered LTCI before, please be aware that it is only being used right now to treat cats with FIP “off-label”, meaning that it is not FDA approved for FIP treatment, so different states have different regulations about if and how it can be shipped to your vet, depending on where you live.

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